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Material Fact – Migration to Novo Mercado of the BM&FBovespa

Material Fact

São Paulo, May 25, 2016. Contax Participações S.A. (“Contax” or “Company”; CTAX3), pursuant to article 157, paragraph 4, of Law 6404/76 (“Brazilian Corporation Law”), and CVM Instruction 358/02, and complementing the Material Facts published on March 13 and April 20, 2016, hereby informs its shareholders, investors and the market in general that, on this date, the BM&FBOVESPA S.A. – Securities, Commodities and Futures Exchange (“BM&FBOVESPA”) approved the Company‘s migration to the Novo Mercado special corporate governance trading segment, as requested by the Company.

In the coming days, the Company‘s Executive Board will continue negotiating with the BM&FBOVESPA in order to execute the necessary documents and formalize the migration to the Novo Mercado. The Company will inform its shareholders, investors and the market in general of the date on which its common shares will begin trading in the Novo Mercado.

Cristiane Barretto Sales
Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer