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Material Fact – DHM 2nd issue

Material Fact

São Paulo, March 11, 2016. Contax Participações S.A. (“Contax” or “Company”; CTAX11; CTAX3 and CTAX4), pursuant to Article 157, paragraph 4 of Law 6404 of December 15, 1976 and CVM Instruction 358/02, as amended, hereby informs its shareholders, investors and the market in general that, complementing the Material Facts of January 19, 2016, February 3, 2016, February 4, 2016 and February 24, 2016, it has received all the formal authorizations from the Company’s creditors needed to implement the performance conditions for extending the Company’s financial debt.

Also on this date, a meeting of the debenture holders of the Company’s 2nd debenture issue was held, at which said debenture holders approved the extension of the term for full compliance with the performance conditions by March 15, 2016, when the extension of the Company’s financial debt will be formally concluded, as had already been approved by the debenture holders of the 1st and 3rd debenture issues at meetings held on February 24, 2016.

The Company will keep its shareholders, investors and the market in general informed of any developments related to matters that are the subject of this Material Fact.


Daniel de Andrade Gomes
CFO and Investor Relations Officer