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Notice to the Market – Relevant Shareholding

Relevant Shareholding

São Paulo, February 14, 2017 CONTAX PARTICIPAÇÕES S.A., headquartered at Av. Paulista, 407 and 423, 8th floor, Bela Vista, CEP 01311-000, São Paulo, SP, enrolled under the Corporate Taxpayer‘s ID (CPNJ/MF) No. 04.032.433/0001-80 (“Contax” or “Company”), pursuant to the stipulations of CVM Instruction No. 480/2009, as amended (“CVMI 480/09”), hereby informs its shareholders, investors and the market in general that today the Company has received the attached letter sent by Skopos Investimentos LTDA., inscribed in the register of corporate taxpayers (CPNJ/MF) under number 08.749.411/0001-96 (“Skopos”), stating that, jointly with the investment funds legally represented by it (jointly with Skopos, “Shareholders”), it has acquired three hundred and ninety-seven thousand, five hundred and fifty-three (397,553) common shares, corresponding to nine point five percent (9.5%) of the Company’s common shares, through the conversion into shares of the credits arising from the dividends declared on April 30, 2015, whose payment had been suspended on December 29, 2015.

The Shareholders also communicated that they have not entered into any agreement regulating the exercise of voting rights or the purchase or sale of securities issued by the Company.

Contax, by means of its Investor Relations Officer, is available for any clarification through the contacts below.

Cristiane Barretto Sales
Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer

IR Contacts:

Phone: +55 (11) 3131-5136 or +55 (11) 3131-1763